28 April 2015

The end of a beginning

I've been contemplating this post for a week now, possibly hedging, as it marks a conclusion; my rambling ruminations on the miles covered and the races run will quiet for a while and my focus will shift from accumulating miles to honing my skills and preparing for life's next adventures.

The races of the 12 for 12 for 1200 series.
What has this year brought? It signaled a fresh start for me, a way to return both to who I feel I am and to who I want to become. It confirmed the end of other things, things to which I had to say good-bye and leave behind. Beyond those introspective tidbits, it was a mission and so, first and foremost - just over $10,000 to the two organizations. I am humbled by your contributions that help these foundations to do their work. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Second, the amazing people I have met (both virtually and in person) and the true blue friends I have, from those who have known me for over 20 years to those who have known me for only two; I am forever grateful for your support and I hope that our friendships become stronger as we continue to grow and change.

Third, this year allowed me the opportunities to travel and explore and to both remember my strengths and realize all that I am capable of accomplishing. I have more to give and I plan to do so wherever I next land.

MDS2015, Stage Two
What's next on my journey? A new career in which I can continue my work supporting veterans; I plan to stay involved in this area as long as I am providing something worthwhile. I am hopeful that this means a move to D.C. is likely this summer (a big change for the munchkins, to be sure, but one which I hope to make as smooth as possible). And for racing? I will be back at the line for the MCM in October, and between now and then, I am eyeing a few 24-hour races, a 50-miler and perhaps a 50K. I want to tackle an 100-miler soon.

Once I am settled in a new locale, my second goal is to obtain additional coaching credentials and assist with at-risk youth athletic programs. Details are slim, much is in flux and pieces are shifting as I find how they match and create a new image. I will continue to post here; as my focus adjusts, the topics may change but I will share any new adventures with you all.

Thank you for this incredible experience. Boom.

A window in my room. (Marrakech, Morocco)