21 April 2014

Back on the 'mill

I pressed 'Start' on the treadmill and my legs trundled forward at the prescribed speed. Yes, I am aware that the treadmill can go faster, thanks. What's with the pace? Well...

In early March, while walking home after a balmy afternoon at the park, I stepped off a curb while holding my son in one arm and hoisting my daughter's bike in the other. I came down on a pile of tree debris snuggled up against a crack in the asphalt and down I went (don't worry, I cushioned my son's fall with a bony hip and elbow). My left ankle did not feel pleasant and it looked odd, but, since I had both the muffins, I used my son's scooter for leverage and made it home without further mishap.  I immediately got ice and went to the couch and my ever industrious daughter announced to our neighbors that, "Mommy hurt herself." After rushing over, initially panicked, they were kind enough to make the kids lunch and take my daughter for an afternoon play date while my son napped so I could RICE. They also recommended that I go to the hospital to get it x-rayed. Wasn't feelin' that option, nope - more on that in the future - so Vitamin M and an ACE bandage it was.

Fast forward to 10 days later, during a physical therapy session, and my PT says, "I know you don't want to hear this, but it's not getting better and you really need to get it x-rayed." Two hours later, courtesy of Ortho Wilmington, I learned I had a full avulsion fracture of my medial talus (translation: I broke off the knobby part of the bone on the inside of my left ankle). No running for six more weeks (yes, I actually used common sense and had paused my running after the initial fall). I was given permission to swim and to elliptical....yes! Bright side, I am now versed in how to wear a technical swim suit. Anyone else have a grappling match with those things trying to put them on? No? Just me? Very well, then.

Return to today, and after three miles on the 'mill, it was to the mat room for the physical therapy (PT) regimen. First mileage in the books. Boom.

Congrats again to everyone who ran Boston today (MEB!!!) and holy cow, Mike Wardian and Tom Clifford, running 2:23:32 and 2:29:37, respectively. Sweet inspiration.

Oh, and because someone said, "It would be cool if the pictures were bigger," let me indicate that they can be...it's a dynamic slideshow - click on it and the pics will come up full screen. So now you know. If you didn't. But you probably did.

Cheers and thank you......

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