22 April 2014

Inspiration and mentorship

If not for mentors, we all would flounder. Without my fateful interactions with and the direct interference of those listed below, there is no way this journey would be possible.  For your guidance, wisdom, benevolent harassment, integrity of purpose and for keeping me in pursuit, thank you:
  • Robert "Sideshow" C. (USMC) - for always being there, through everything, and for your friendship
  • Michael "Phloyd" M. (USMC) - for truly teaching me how to fly, the "what if" game, multiple life lessons, and for always keeping track
  • Ryan "Smut" S. (USMC) - for saving my life, in more ways than one, and for letting me know the expectations of the EAD crew
  • Thomas "Duds" D. (USMC) - for saving my life, more than once, and for never mincing words
  • Paul "Rocket" R. (USMC) - for being steadfast and loyal throughout, ironically humorous and for having a level of professionalism others only dream about
  • Stephen "Saint" A. (USMC) - for allowing me the latitude and for having a depth of character I hope to develop
  • Jan "Jaws" J. (USMC) - for listening to my rants, debating the merits and for not compromising your character to please others
  • Kyle "Hairy" B. (USMC) - for standing up for me, helping me stand up for myself and for navigating me through some rough seas
  • Bonnie D. (Wellesley College) - for never allowing me to leave the pool, except to throw up, and for always welcoming me back
  • Brian S. (Manatee Aquatic Masters) - for daily encouragement and for helping me learn to love "no rest" sets
  • John B. (Wellesley College) - for yelling at me on "easy days" and for teaching me how to train
  • Joy R-B. (Wellesley College) - for seeing in me the woman I wanted to be and for placing me on the path
  • Hal W. (St. Mary's School) - for emboldening me to speak, especially when my opinion went against the grain
  • Scott W. (St. Mary's School) - for your patience and for sending me to the college library to read
  • Joe V. (St. Mary's School) - for never letting me be lazy and for teaching me the 10 x 300 track workout
A multitude of people selflessly contribute to their direct communities and to the greater world. Below are those who I am honored to know and who inspired me to make this endeavor:
  • Lisa S.B. - Co-owner of Dreamchasers Outdoor Events, she has been a constant mentor in the power of spirit, giving, perseverance, humility, fearlessness and tenacity over the past 14 years. Her next adventure is Badwater 4 Good Water and BW4GWS; her previous efforts include Running Hope Through America.
  • Jenn M. - A fellow Marine officer and pilot, she conceived and executed the Gold Star Ride from Camp Pendleton, CA to Camp Lejeune, NC to honor the mothers of fallen military personnel, sharing their stories and highlighting their communities across America.
  • Adrian K. - A fellow Marine officer, Leadership Director for Service to Schools, he is also raising funds for his Afghan translator, whom he helped emigrate to America, and attending law school full-time.
  • Laurie and David S. - Throughout our 22-year friendship, they have been active in community philanthropy and have a lifelong commitment with Camp Sunshine, which provides support, joy and hope to children with life-threatening illnesses and their immediate families.
Cheers and thank you.....

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