27 April 2014

The "I" in team....

I often joke that, "There is no 'I' in team, which is why I am not on one," especially when there is some group effort in which I am forcibly partaking.

The reality is that being a part of a team has been essential to my life, even as many of the sports I have done are called "individual effort" sports. Without the other people on my team, I would not have run as far, swum as fast or biked as hard. (I most certainly would have slept in a myriad of times - including today! - if not for knowing that the team would help get me through whatever punishing physical challenge was in store that day.) Even when I have entered a race singly, I arrived at the start in part due to their support and encouragement.

Over these past four years, it has been my friend, family and USMC team, my physical therapy teams, my medical teams and my sports teams that gave me an unwavering cushion of support, on which I rested my fatigued and overwhelmed self many times. They couldn't walk for me, but they never let me fall, even when I stumbled, which I did with supreme regularity.

Thank you to my teams, past and present.

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