20 April 2014

Taking the first steps

This blog starts the day before one of my favorite races, the Boston Marathon.  There is much courage in those who will be taking their place at the starting line, along the course and near the finish line along Boylston Street - people directly injured by the blasts, others who responded in the immediate aftermath, and the multitudes impacted in the resulting wake of the attack. They are not letting fears, worries or doubts rule them as they make their way and stand in support across 26.2 miles. Neither shall I.

The Latin phrase "non mihi, sed tibi, gloria" is my family crest's motto, it means, "Glory to thee, not to me." It is a phrase of service and giving, about assisting others to achieve and to succeed. The work of the two organizations deserve the accolades and the support. I undertake this fundraising endeavor as a way to shine a light on the work of these organizations and to share the stories of the men and women to whom this assistance is crucial - both in their recoveries and in establishing their new lives.

Running has always been my solace, my joy, my panacea.  During my recovery, based on the nature of my injuries, multiple doctors repeatedly told me to forget about running ('Let it go,' said one). On a scale of "Uh, ok" to "Unacceptable," my response was "Oh, hell, no, doc." Thus, after four years, multiple surgeries, 22-months of rehab and with the assistance of on-going physical therapy, continued medical treatment and the manufacturers of ultra-compressive Lycra, I undertake this athletic endeavor to regain a piece of me.

The format for the races is one per month, for a total of 12 races. The 1200 is the minimum number of training miles I will log throughout the year (not inclusive of the racing miles). The race schedule is here; all races are distance races, varying from the half-marathon to marathon to ultras, culminating in an 150-mile race across the Moroccan Sahara in April 2015.

What can you expect on this blog? A variegated catalogue: motivational posts, travels to, travails at and results from the scheduled races (and any that pop-up in between); photos; my training calendar, including monthly totals for accumulated training and racing miles; stories of service members assisted by the MARSOC Foundation and the Semper Fi Fund; and, most certainly, haphazardly placed cultural references, for no good reason. 

I invite you to travel along for the next 12 months, whether online or at the races, and I encourage you to donate to either or both of the two organizations.

Cheers and thank you.....

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