10 May 2014

Logical thinking

I have been hitting the books for a couple of months now....prepping for the LSAT (because being a single mom with two little ones, maintaining a household, attending multiple therapy sessions per week and training for a year of races isn't time consuming enough....).

I actually enjoy the problem-solving exercises - Logic Games and Logical Reasoning - perhaps because I have been called logical to a fault (I have been known to say, "You know that's not theoretically possible, right?" in response to a joke's punchline.) Sigh.....

Here's an example of what I am slogging away at (click for the mini-slideshow):
The scenario, limitations and requirements.

My sketch and scribbles

Solved and checked - 5 of 5! 
I'm thinking the only reason I swept this one is because it was aviation based - ha! I hope my funky little diagrams serve me well during the test - it's coming up in June. I'll be taking it in Boston, right after my second race. I have taken the majority of all my academic exams in the greater Boston area, it seems, though for the life of me, I couldn't tell you at which institution I took the GREs. It's on record somewhere.

I solemnly raise my coffee mug in a salute to higher academics....

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