27 May 2014

Lump on a limb

The perils of having a bad ankle caught up with me on Sunday, as, during my trail run, I stepped squarely on a single-point, knobby root protrusion and down I went. I was wearing compression socks, which aided in the reduction of both the swelling and the overall damage, but as of yesterday, my left ankle looked like this:

I swam yesterday instead of running and have been RICE-ing and using Vitamin M (that would be Motrin) to help reduce the swelling and bruising. Ugh. No hills for me tonight and no preparatory 5K tempo for me on Thursday. Easy running and into the pool for intensity cardio. And PT exercises. 

In other news, the VA can't answer my call right now, but I can try my call again later or call after hours to use their automated system to set up a time when I can call and someone could answer. I am just going to drive to the VA offices here and present my case to them. Funny, because at the top of my letter in bold, it states - "IMPORTANT - Reply Needed." [We just can't take your call right now. But we need to hear from you within 30 days of the date of this letter (which means I have less than a month to get all my information together to defend my position on my case).] Woosah......

And, lastly, in case you still weren't sure if I am a Marine through and through, even my flowers are red and gold....yep, moto right outside my front gate. Planned it that way. 

Have a motivated day! 

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