12 May 2014

Mileage stats

April's mileage is posted on the Mileage page - I will update May shortly, to reflect the weekly training. Why is the April total so low? Yep, that's right, after I broke my ankle in March, I started training again on the 20th, and so April was a getting back at it month.

What kind of training am I doing? Mostly running and swimming right now, as I have therapy three times a week right now, as well as the LSAT studying...

What does my actual training consist of? It's a bit hodge podge right now - hill workouts, easy mileage, interval swim workouts, treadmill runs and my PT regimen incorporated into the day somewhere. Not terribly exciting but a simple joy in my day, even if it's hot or I am slow. I am really just happy to be moving forward.

Today, I was on the treadmill, as, having been studying in the morning, it was about 88 and sticky humid by the time I finished. Does anybody else do random things to change it up on the treadmill? I do all sorts of little things just to keep it interesting (things I learned while on the boat)! After a mile warm-up, I adjusted the speed based on the tempo of my running playlist - which gave me some Kenny Loggins, Icona Pop, Kanye, David Guetta and Capital Cities, to name a few. I ran the gamut from a 9:25 to an 8:05 pace for the five mile run and was never bored once. A good day.

Oh yeah, and keeping on the theme of yesterday....this was my after dinner activity.....

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