05 May 2014

Scenes from the trails

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Driving up I saw a USMC convoy heading to AP Hill
for training - no weekend libbo for you!

At the starting line at Happyland Campground!

Final race brief by race director Alex P.

The field of runners
The camp swimming pool
View from the bridge
The bridge to and from the Lollipop loop
Single track downhill

The most benign uphill of the race -
seriously, this was an easy one

At the 5K halfway point - potato chip break!

First 10K loop completed w/ Bryan

20K done
30K done
40K done
50K done, new PR for time!
60K done
70K done
80K done, new PR for single-day distance!
90K done! Soup broth, tater tots and smiles!
New distance and duration PRs! (I ended up in 8th place overall).
The munchkins send me a sign on Sunday morning! They're the best!!

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