30 May 2014

The hectic doldrums and a CoC

Yesterday was an odd day; there were nary extra minutes to spare and while I accomplished all of the day's tasks, it felt like I progressed only minutely down my list of things to do - ah, well, it's only a deadline, it'll pass.  I also didn't get to run, which may have had something to do with it, as my PT asked me to 'please take it easy for the next few days' and she clarified that it meant doing something OTHER than running. Swimming was a nil option today due to lightning and thunderstorms. Sigh.....back on the elliptical. Motivation meter low, but everything counts, so there I was, legs chugging away, rockin' out to Tina Turner.

Today, I am headed to the change of command ceremony for my old unit, The Black Knights; the incoming Commanding Officer was my previous Operations Officer at the MV-22 training squadron. It'll be good to get back up there and see old squadron mates. I am also having lunch with my last Sergeant Major, though he is now with another unit. In addition to the close friends I have made, I deeply appreciate the great number of the Marines with whom I served that still keep in touch with me. It's hard to quantify and qualify the impact they have had on my life and it humbles me still to have been able to serve with them; I always hoped that even as I sometimes muddled my way through, that they know I did my best to meet their expectations and be the kind of officer they wanted to follow. It was my honor and honest privilege to learn from them, to deploy with them and to have shared experiences (some more memorable than others, to be sure!).
I will try to get my act together and post some pics on the Twitter account (@12for12for1200) from today's happenings - give you a little insight into my past life as well as a ceremonial glimpse of those who put on the uniform everyday and make it happen. 

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