19 May 2014

The seven colors of running....

Rouge red: those two bright pink cheek circles some people get instead of full face coloration 

Peach blush: that hint of flush across the face just as your internal temperature starts to rise; most common after an effort run in cooler temps 

Robin breast red: those patches of red you get on your body wherever there's a bit of excess fat; most noticeable on the thighs and buttocks in the winter 

Strawberry red: a hot face with freckles

Tomato red: the ultimate facial coloring after a long or hard run in the summer heat (runs the shade gamut from grape to heirloom varietals)

Beet or radish red: you've maybe got some overheating issues

Ghastly pale: Hie thee to ye olde medical tent.....

Seven-mile selfie; got my peach blush going on.......

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