24 June 2014

Back at it

Just not even going to go there about the Italy v Uruguay game (#Suarez).....just can't even do it. And don't ask me why I'm bummed about Cote d'Ivoire - I just have a soft spot for Didier Drogba (yes, I know he is getting up there in fĂștbol years) and Yaya TourĂ© (yes, I know he plays for Man City, all you Man U fans...I'm partial to the Hotspurs for EPL anyway, and yes, I know that my favorite former Spur now plays for Real Madrid, whom I dislike in La Liga being a Barce fan, and who also have Ronaldo on their team, who assisted in the tying goal during the USA v Portugal game - anything else?).

So......Tuesday hills....there were at least four groups out tonight - three sets of WRRC runners at 1730, 1800 and 1830 respectively, and the Cape Fear Hash House Harriers(a bit NSFW) were seen starting their run at 1830. There were also some folks I had never seen before running, so good for them to be getting some exercise. I ran agressively today, and changed it up a bit, keeping a steady pace for the three-block hills and pushing hard on the connecting and downhill blocks, which ended up making the uphills harder. It was a six-mile workout today, whoot!

If you weren't aware, Wilmington is a pretty popular location for film and television - Iron Man 2 filmed here, Sleepy Hollow is filmed here (the clock tower - that's my downtown) and we see them regularly at our neighborhood park; The Red Zone filmed here, and they just announced that Nicholas Sparks' book "The Longest Ride" will be filmed here. On the run tonight, we navigated through two blocks of star seekers congregating across the street from a filming location for SH (at least I think it was SH), and I can only assume that the later runners had even more traffic to move through as filming hadn't yet starting. I have seen Tom Mison while out for breakfast - he does prefer tea as so many British do - so I got that check in the box (and at the end of the day, really, not my thing, and I'm grateful I don't feel the need to hang around street corners hoping to see a film star).

June is coming to a close, my mileage is slowly creeping up there and I am sitting waiting to hear my LSAT score, my VA decision after submitting my rebuttal package, and the PEB decision on whether to allow me to permanently retire. It looks like I will have to have another abdominal surgery when this race series is over, but for now, will keep moving forward and manage the pain. All is good in the world.

Just a reminder, there are two upcoming races for July - my two-for-one if you will...I'll get into the details about those next week. More importantly, in July, I will be sharing the story of a fellow Phrog pilot, injured while training overseas, who is about a year and a half into his recovery. His journey is an inspiration to me and I hope it will be to you.

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