15 June 2014

Le weekend

Saturday was a long run day, and by long, I mean it felt like it took a really long time to get to 10 miles (it was actually only 1:28) but boy, was the humidity up there! Thankfully, I was with my running pals and we had strength in numbers to get us through the run. We did a "beach run" which usually means a long run in the vicinity of Wrightsville Beach, but in this case, we actually did take to the beach for a portion of the run, something my left hip roundly cursed me for as the section we ran on was sloped. The sea breeze made up for it somewhat. Somewhat.

Afterwards, we all took part in some group plyometric exercises and stretching. Here's our balance pose, which really looks like an awkward dance move caught on camera. I love the Wilmington Road Runners!
That's me on the far right with the white visor....
Sunday was spent with the munchkins at the beach and as I took these pics, I realize that they seem to always be eating when I capture them, but it's also pretty much the only time they sit still for more than a minute. We built two "pool" forts, replete with canals to capture the sea water and they both jumped waves until I thought they would fall over from fatigue (have you seen that? when kids are enjoying themselves so much they keep going even though they are pretty much falling down tired? ).

Then it was home for a late lunch and a long nap for the littlest monkey and some board games for me and the pumpkin (and she wanted to help me sort and start the laundry - bonus!). All in all a great weekend.
Watermelon...num num num...
The Pumpkin Noodle and her signature closed-eyes, big smile! 
A second (or third?) snack break while keeping cool.....
the beginnings of water fort #2 are in the background. 

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