22 June 2014

On the intracoastal

This morning, I had the privilege of taking a stand-up paddle board (SUP) excursion on the Intercoastal Waterway just inland from Wrightsville Beach. The WRRC put together a group outing and about 15 of us met up with Cape Fear Paddleboarding at the Motts Channel Yacht Club and went out for about a two-hour jaunt. It was a seriously fun time.

Sun starting to break through the morning clouds. 
Me and Michael B. (in the kayak)
Starting off down Motts Channel
Yesterday, after a sleepless night, I was too haggard to make the morning run, so I waited until the late afternoon to run my 10 miles. Things I heard along the way included:

1) Three car horns, one from a Suburban full of teenage boys who all gave me the thumbs up.
2) One "Good job, you get going, doll," from the middle-aged man in the black truck.
3) One "Look at the girl run! Go, go, go, you got it, get it!" from the little girl playing with two other kids in their front yard.
4) Rumbling thunder which did not produce any rain until my last 1/4 mile.

This is what a sleepless night and a 10-mile run with almost 100% humidity at 85F looks like:

Hot, sweaty and with serious hollow eyes!
(Someday I'll figure out how to use the "filter" setting!)

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