03 June 2014

Prepping for Heartbreak: last chance hills

It was hot, and not just a it's-a-sunny-spring-day-hot but an 88 degrees and humid hot; heck, even the wind was hot. We ran the course in reverse today, which is to say, we ran it the harder way and by the time the picture below was taken on the last hill, I was spent. The advantage to running the 10 hills in reverse is solely this: the latter hills are shaded, as they are tree-lined. Other than that, they get steeper and longer, which actually makes for a tougher workout; in essence, it's really better to run them in reverse. So, embrace the sucking wind that is your breathing, you wuss.

The Heartbreak Hill 1/2 Marathon is this coming Sunday - race number two in the 12for12 series. It should be a fun one and I'll get to see my sister (who is kick-ass, if you recall) and some good friends, so that is just a bonus. (Oh, and the LSAT is the following day - I'll be taking them in Boston...why you no haz more study time???)

It just goes up.....

....and then keeps on going up.
WRRC represent!