18 June 2014

Running without time

Yesterday was another epic hill day - not for any land speed records but for the fact that it was 92 and humid out as we started. I was rushing to get out of the house and forgot my watch, so was sans anything to check my per mile pace and work on consistency with each push uphill. It turned out to be a serendipitous forget, for two big reasons:

1. I have had steady and acute pain in my lower right abdomen (in the area where my arteries were severed) since last Thursday, so taking it as I felt was more necessary than I wanted to admit and
2. Did I mention it was hot out?

I ran with Michael B. again today and we just kept a steady rhythm up and down, although I have to drop the dime and say that after eight hills, he had to vamoose to another engagement so it was just me and my near-empty water bottle to finish out the last two repeats and then make the loop up and around the PPD building to complete seven miles. Which I did, although by the time I got back to the boardwalk, I was bushwhacked, even with the wind picking up behind me. It was a well-earned seven miles. And Brenda E., bless her speediness, waited for me to finish (a small group of us went at 6:00pm, the larger WRRC group went at 6:30pm).

It's a tour de downtown and the historic district (click to enlarge)

Elevation gains and grade % with each hill, the last climb is up to the end of Front Street past the PPD building
(Click to enlarge). 

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