17 June 2014

Third time's a charm

USA 2 - Ghana 1..... A good start, let's see what Jozy's status is in the coming days. Bring it, Ronaldo. 

US in red....
The pumpkin noodle drew the US scoring a second goal; I told her they only had one.....she replied, "I know, but they're going to get two!" And so they did.....

For the record, I have been watching pretty much every game, not just the US. I have to say, the goal by RvP (NED) is my favorite so far of the tournament. I always want the African teams to do well, maybe I have colonial guilt (even though I'm in no way British, French or Italian) - maybe I have Cold War guilt, then. I really just love good football - and I must say that I wasn't much into the Iran/Nigeria game - I feel like Nigeria has just faded, I remember watching them against the Argentina at Foxboro in '94 and they seemed so powerful. I wasn't impressed by their game.  Germany is my pick right now, unless Brazil ends up doing something unreal, I just don't think the home crowd will be able to take them past Die Adler.

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