30 June 2014

Two for one: The bridges of Cape Fear

As June winds down, it's time to starting revving up for the next race!

July's race is actually two races: The 32nd Annual YMCA Tri-Span 10K sponsored by the Wilmington YMCA and the Endless Summer 6-hour Run put on by the Annapolis Striders. Why two? I originally chose the Endless Summer because they donate their proceeds from the race to Semper Fi Fund and then, in May, MARSOC Foundation was brought on board as the charity recipient for the Tri-Span and it is also part of the WRRC Grand Prix Series, so it made sense.

 The TS10K is a loop that crosses all three bridges in downtown Wilmington, and being run in mid-July, it is hot, even at 0700. So, it should be an interesting race. I have been prepping by ummmm....well....I guess I haven't really been training specifically to the race, but I will definitely try to put some leg turnover in on race day! (Wait, does swimming count since the bridges go over the Cape Fear River??)

Speaking of swimming, on Saturday, in addition to the regular long run - which was painful due to lack of hydration and almost being hit by a Hummer - I dove into the intracoastal with Michael B. and we did a two-mile out and back, which got interesting when the skies opened up and the rain created not only back-splashes on the waves but a low mist which made sighting a pain in the tuckus. I will get better at getting photos of these fun moments, you know, like hire a paparazzo to follow me around or something.

My water adventures continued as the munchkins and I attended a birthday pool party, replete with a bouncy house and piƱatas; there was even a large frog who joined the festivities and who was much celebrated by the young attendees. The intermittant thunderstorms didn't dampen the Pumpkin Noodle's enthusiasm and she and the Bubbaloo were in the water non-stop, barring the occasional lightning evacuation. All in all, another wonderful day. Happy Monday to you all!

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  1. hey - Im close to Wilmington right now - when is the race!!!?