16 July 2014

If it ain't rainin'...

There's a saying in the Corps (at least on the East Coast), "If it ain't rainin', we ain't trainin'" which mostly alludes to the fact that every time you head out to the field, you will be rained upon. Usually heavily. For several days.

Last night's hill workout was the epitome of that saying as the 1730 group, much slimmed by the forecast and the visibly darkening sky, began our workout. We ran the route in reverse (in the event we got so slammed by the downpour, we'd be closer to our vehicles!), and about three minutes in, the rain started and then came down in earnest, shellacking us right proper. Each time the sky illuminated, it was with such intensity and in such proximity that Brenda E. and I exclaimed in tandem, "Whoa!" We even contemplated heading to run the stairs at one of the community college parking garages, just for safety's sake. But we stuck it out and were joined about one mile in by Allison S. and Keira H. and the four of us persisted through the weather and the incredulous looks from drivers peering out from behind brisk wipers and pedestrians huddled under awnings.

As we neared completion, the rain temporarily tapered off and we ran the riverfront boardwalk back to the start, with intermittent rays of the waning sun casting a silvery reflection off the water.

Another day in the books. Boom.
Thunderheads building behind the USS North Carolina
Bright new running kicks with darker clouds growing
Keira H., Allison S., me, Michael B., and Brenda E.
Post-run sogginess (thanks for taking the photo, Steve!)

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