11 July 2014

To tank or not to tank?

Tomorrow's race is going to be a choker. Not because I plan to plod through the race, but because the temps at the 0700 race time are predicted to be around 76F and humid with a capital H, which means the heat index will be closer to the 80s and the air will be thick and heavy.  It seems that the greater into summer we go, the lesser my training gear becomes...apparel is reduced to a sports bra and compression shorts ending at the upper thigh.

I don't really understand people's thoughts are on this - I've seen the Runner's World community forum thread covering the topic of men running without shirts and their online poll regarding the same during races  -  the guys with back hair seem to get the short shrift across the board - because it seems as though there was a theme that somehow if it's not visually appealing, maybe it should be covered up. Others felt that when it gets this hot, if the end goal is getting your run on, they'll visually deal with inherent imperfections in the male form.

On the women's side, the last online forum I found about women running in just sports bras (and some sort of bottom, of course) was posted in 2013, so I guess either 1) women are more practical about running in the heat or 2) women don't care about a visual "unattractive" meter if they choose to go sans singlet/mesh tank/etc. I did read that there are women who are self-conscious about their "jiggle" or "bellies," which I personally dismiss given that I got that PLUS some nice scars to flash people with as they go by. My thought on it really comes down to this: I am here, I am alive and my body is allowing me to do that which I love, regardless of whether I am pale, jiggly, or otherwise. How ya like me now?!

All that being said, I also feel icky when I have wet fabric flapping against or clinging to my skin - blech. So, I may only represent by throwing on the 12for12 tank after the race. I hope that counts.

No, not that kind of tank. 
A Marine M1A1 Abrams tank with 1st Tank Plt, D Co., 1st Tank Bn,
provides overwatch security in the Upper Gereshk Valley in AFG.
Photo by Sgt Jesse Johnson (Battle Rattle/Military Times)

Speaking of coverage..... 12for12for1200 t-shirts are for sale and net proceeds from each shirt go to the support the Semper Fi Fund and the MARSOC Foundation. Granted, you might not be sporting the shirt on your next run because it is, well, a SHIRT and it's a million degrees out right now, BUT they are wicking and designed for running and working out (I ran my first race, the 24-hour ATR in it and had no issue with overheating or chafing). Plus, they are kind-of kick ass in their design. And, if you purchase one and send me a pic, I'll post and tweet it!

Race recap on Sunday!

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  1. Go for it! I've been thinking about no tank for hot runs & races. Do you just pin bib on shorts then?