20 July 2014

Two for one: 6 days to 6 hours

Did an easy longish run yesterday, by which I mean that I was a bit lazy and waited until the afternoon to go and then ended up not quite having enough time to finish before a previously scheduled engagement; hence, longish.

I have to say that despite the dearth of actual terrain in this part of the state, there are some lovely places to run - the loop I did yesterday has a canopy of trees providing shade for most of the run and the roads are wide and lightly trafficked, save a few major street crossings.
Clouds and trees reflected in a puddle along my route
A nice, easy, tree-covered incline 
I am going into next Saturday's race slightly underprepared in terms of hard mileage on my legs, but certainly prepared in terms of running in the heat and humidity, so I am hopeful the two will even out. The Endless Summer Run is in Annapolis, MD and as my title suggests, it is a six-hour endurance event, run over a four+-mile loop in the southeastern part of town. Why is this race on my calendar?

Several reasons: 1) As with my first race, the proceeds from this race go directly to the Semper Fi Fund; 2) The race is held in Annapolis, home of the United States Navy Academy, one of the commissioning sources for Marine Corps officers, and the alma mater of many of my military friends, both Navy and Marine Corps; 3) I am friends with one of the race's co-directors, who also happens to be a USNA grad, a Marine and who will be running the final race with me in April, along with another Marine officer, as the 12for12for1200 MdS team (more on this to come); 4) Who wouldn't want to run six hours in the depths of summer?

Each race in the series was chosen for a specific reason, and I will try to remember to highlight that as each one nears. Until tomorrow, enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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