06 July 2014

Two for one: Sunday shuffle

My training was, by necessity, halted over the past few days due to my back seizing up on me Thursday evening. The Bubbaloo and I were playing on the play mat, I was lying on my back, and quite unexpectedly, he made a jumping leap, landing square on my lower abdomen with his feet. All my supporting core muscles including the obliques reacted by contracting to cushion the impact (as my actual lower abdominals don't respond to neural commands due to nerve damage), which resulted in what felt like my erectors, serratus and internal obliques being knotted to the point of compressing on the nerves in my lower back, including my sciatica on the left side. If you look at the diagram, you can see that the internal and external oblique muscles insert into the lower/mid back - those muscles work extremely hard for me to compensate for the loss of functionality in my lower rectus, lower transverse abdominus and the damage to the inguinal sheath.

If you've ever had your sciatic nerve compressed, you understand my level of discomfort over the past three days. I've stretched, hydrated, done ice/heat compression, Icy Hot balm and basic rest. I am going to swim today to help elongate the muscles and may try a few miles as well. I am viewing it as an extended taper for next Saturday's race.

For those of you who are a little confused, I have drawn on the diagram below (in green) the surgical cutlines made to my abdomen over the course of my surgeries. (That green line has been made four times, with each cut going through all the the abdominal layers to my internal organs.)When I speak of facing additional surgeries, I am referring to two specific issues I currently have: a developing inguinal hernia on my right side (defined by a blue oval) and a 'spreading' of the tissues around my umbilicus (yellow circle), which has created a depression in my stomach where the muscles no longer properly 'connect' to each other, they are weakened, hence the depression  (it helps to think of your belly button as a tether in the center of a round trampoline, attaching the surrounding tendons and muscles - I'm sure some of my doctor friends are cringing right now).

Thus, over this holiday weekend, my normal long runs and swims did not occur but the forced rest allowed me to turn my attention to sorting out items for an upcoming yard sale, responding to emails, watching the World Cup games and prepping for the upcoming week. The munchkins are back home tonight from their weekend with K., something that always bring me great joy because the house lacks its proper yin yang balance without them here.


  1. Wow. You're dealing with so much. I hope everything that can get better does.

    1. Ahhh, it's life! There's no worries on this end, it happens, thank you for the well wishes!