13 July 2014

Two for one: TANKED!

The YMCA TriSpan 10K was as expected - three bridges, 6.2 miles, humidity at about 97% and screechingly sunny, and I had a blast! Given the last 10 days, I wasn't expecting a fast time, but I wanted to break 50:00, which would have put me at a comfortable pace of minimal (okay, safe) effort.  I decided to test the waters and go on how I felt.

Why, this doesn't look difficult at all!
Miles 1-2 were nice and easy, with Mile 2 coming just at the end of the first bridge crossing over the Cape Fear....Mile 3-4 started getting in my head because it's an in-and-out to the Battleship Memorial (USS Carolina) and while the course is flat there, there is no relief from the sun, the breeze stops and the turnaround is a pivot and double-back, which I have never liked because your momentum grinds to a crawl for an instant and you have to break that inertia and get back apace...ugh. I stayed pretty steady until the second bridge and then I somehow was like, yep, and this is why you are all drumstick and no thighs. I just felt (and was) slow going up.  Once I was over it though, something clicked and I just started rolling and my turnover kicked up a notch and the last bridge, the longest one, felt like nothing.....and as I hit the crest with about a mile to go, I was able to relax and just let it flow. The results?

A 48:16, which translates to a 7:44 mpm, and a 1st place in my AG, which I'll take with a smile any day (and although the Pumpkin Noodle was disappointed that the awards were mugs not medals - but she promptly absconded with mine)! I did wear the tank, which got soaked, as expected....so I tanked it...hahaha...crack myself up...
A few minutes after......
What it's all about
They were glued to me after the race....even when collecting my award
I'll get additional photos up shortly, look for them in the Photo Galleries section! Thank you to the YMCA, race director Dalia Nir, and all the volunteers who put on a great race, with well-supported aid stations and superb finish line food, which included ice cold water, which every summer race should have! Also to my peeps, training partners and a wonderful group of people, the Wilmington Road Runners.

Two weeks until the Endless Summer 6-Hour Run, second of the July two for one races. (I'm looking for race day wager donations for that race - $1 per mile completed - how many miles can I run in six hours, do ya think? Are ye a betting sort?)


  1. Congrats on hitting your goal and being 1st in AG! And the tank looks great sweat-drenched I think - most things look best when serving their true purpose. :) What made you decide to go with the tank vs without?

    So you'll be up in MD for that race - I know @midpackbiped (twitter handle) is doing it.

  2. Thank you. Why I wore the tank is simple - I have an obligation to represent the race series as well as the organizations for whom I am raising money and awareness. It's not about me at the end of the day. I'm just a messenger.