29 August 2014

A little R'n'R: Freddie & Snowbie

Today's Flashback Friday:

I was reflecting on some of the people who have been with me throughout all of my USMC career and who remain dear and close friends today. I was fortunate to be roomed with two amazing women during The Basic School (TBS), and although we had different MOSs, we remained in close contact, attending each other's weddings, meeting babies and staying in constant contact via Facebook, phone calls and visits.
My birthday dinner (2002)
I am blessed to have these two in my life - Freddie and Snowbie - one a combat engineer officer, the other an air support control officer with multiple Iraq deployments. They got me through TBS with laughter, yoga, encouragement, tolerance for well...everything, a little grease paint, and lots of late night movies while folding laundry after a week of field exercises in the snow and mud. Snowbie now lives about 50 minutes away and we try to see each other monthly and I've spent recent holidays with her as well. Love them to pieces. Grateful.

I have no idea..... (Oct 2002)
Birthday Ball (Nov 2002)
Frozen Fox Company 
Recognize the big man, anyone?
At the National Cathedral for a choir performance. 
Picture that sits on one of my shelves, taken during Freddie's bday.