27 August 2014

A little R'n'R: Got tape?

Today my day got away from me: physical therapy went long, which bumped my run from this morning to midday, I forgot that the Bubbaloo's school is out 45 minutes early this week and dashed frantically to retrieve him and while I loaded the washer and added detergent, I forgot to start it....sheesh!

I did run 9 miles today, which felt great, albeit slow as molasses, which I attribute to heeding my physical therapist, since I am not interested in having any flare-ups. The right side of my abdomen seems to be having muscle tension issues, which I understand to mean that the scar tissue is causing the healthy muscle to tighten intensively in compensation. Interestingly, this has little to do with my running and more to do with having to lift my son or other objects. If you read my red dress post, you may have noticed some black stripes on my legs. Those were for some lingering discomfort from a small tear in my left calf and an achy Achilles; I'm still on kinesio tape therapy to help heal. Today, I let my legs just go during the last 1.5 miles just to see and held about a 8:00 pace without any discomfort in my calf or Achilles tendon, so that was a bonus. 
Kinesio tape, calf on the left, achilles on the right.
Awesome tan lines.
If you've never been to the south, most lakes carry advisements of the creatures in the water, and our town is no exception. One of the larger lakes, Greenfield Lake, just over 4 miles around (following the trail, the road is closer to 5), has alligator denizens, yellow-bellied turtles and a wide variety of waterfowl as well as some mangrove-type outcroppings, if that a proper description. It was around 86F with full sun when I went out, so it was warm but also a lovely day to enjoy the lake. 

Was about a five footer. 
About two miles around.....

From the main dock with the paddle boats...a canoe is on the right. 
I will be taking the half-marathon this weekend strictly as a training race, to test the legs and to see how much of my previous speedwork still exists. Oh, yes, and I'll be sportin' tape to match my 12for12for1200 tank. Boom. 

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