01 August 2014

Mileage: JULY

July mileage is posted! With my training ramping up for the heavy fall race schedule, look for the next months to be 100+ for training (I also have some catching up to do to stay on track for 1200 total training miles).

I missed my first ever attempt at Throwback Thursday yesterday because of my TriCare insurance post, so I am making up for it with a Flashback Friday to my days at Officer Candidate School, when I was heaving myself over obstacles, learning the basics of left foot, right arm marching and keeping my muzzle out of the mud....

Little known factoid: My OCS class was the first to receive the newly minted digital cammies, along with the six-week Bulldog NROTC candidates. We still had the old school black boots, though.

Enjoy and rolling on to August!
The muck and crawl, I think this was either the combat course or the
endurance course.  And yes, the kevlar is too big, totally cinched down,
and I can barely see. 
SULE II - Small Unit Leadership Exercise II, last big evaluation
 (......aaaaand the kevlar is still too big)
Graduation practice. 
Receiving the award for top female graduate
(combined leadership evaluations, physical fitness and academic scores).

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