18 August 2014

Nothing is lost.....

Sometimes it's a positive to have an echo of the past, as long as it doesn't prevent you from seeing the future. 

Nothing is Lost by Noel Coward

Deep in our sub-conscious, we are told
Lie all our memories, lie all the notes
Of all the music we have ever heard
And all the phrases those we loved have spoken,
Sorrows and losses time has since consoled,
Family jokes, out-moded anecdotes
Each sentimental souvenir and token
Everything seen, experienced, each word
Addressed to us in infancy, before
Before we could even know or understand
The implications of our wonderland.
There they all are, the legendary lies
The birthday treats, the sights, the sounds, the tears
Forgotten debris of forgotten years
Waiting to be recalled, waiting to rise
Before our world dissolves before our eyes
Waiting for some small, intimate reminder,
A word, a tune, a known familiar scent
An echo from the past when, innocent
We looked upon the present with delight
And doubted not the future would be kinder
And never knew the loneliness of night.

And in a nod to those who ran the Falmouth Road Race this past Sunday, a few personal memories from one of my favorite places in the world.....Woods Hole, MA

Nobska Lighthouse, the road to the right is part of the race course...
Anchored sailboat off Stoney Beach
Entrance to the Woods Hole Yacht Club
The oar shed at WHYC
Row boat on the sand at Great Harbor
Chairs on a private beach at Penzance Point

Sunset reflected in the lighthouse window
Nobska Lighthouse

Sunset from Nobska Point 

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