04 August 2014

SitRep: Quarter Mission stats

It's been just over three months now into this adventure and I wanted to update you on where things stand with the the overall mileage goals and the fundraising.

To date, I have trained 274.01 miles. In the three (+1) races thus far, I've covered 109.44 miles in 26:06:42 (hr/min/sec). A bit behind in the training miles, what with the broken then sprained ankle, but I have some ramping up with the upcoming fall race schedule, so expect the next quarter's numbers to jump up.

As for the fundraising, again, I am humbled and greatly appreciate the support and the encouragement of this endeavor and a huge THANK YOU to all who have donated thus far. Where we stand:

Semper Fi Fund: $3,238.00
MARSOC Foundation: $1,075.00 

I want to give a special shout out to Brad & Jennifer, who have signed on as Total Mileage Trained donors and who will be following closely as my training mileage ramps up - that goal is 1200 miles - an even greater incentive on those days when I'm tired, sore or climatically demotivated; every mile trained is one more dollar for the fundraising. Thank you for your generosity and your support! 

Those are some fantastic numbers for this early in the series and so as I continue, I hope all of you will take a moment to share the stories that appear on these pages. I am grateful to everyone who is checking in and reading, amazing to have readers in the following locations (top ten outside of the US): New Zealand, Mexico, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, Spain, France, Turkey, Ukraine. I've also had folks checking in from Kuwait and Afghanistan, so thank you to those of you taking a look while on deployment! And who knows how, but grateful to those who've checked up on my adventures from Slovakia, Poland, Indonesia, Mauritania, Ethiopia, Georgia, Peru, Canada and South Africa!

I'd love to hear from you, feel free email me and let me know your thoughts on the blog and if there's things you'd like to see more (or less) of......

On to August and the dog days of a Carolina summer!

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