14 August 2014

VA headache: down the rabbit hole go I.....

Late last week, I received yet another letter from the VA telling me that they acted on their proposed decision (the one to which I submitted my letter of disagreement, along with evidence citing why the current rating should remain in place, and although I subsequently received a notice from them stating that my letter was rejected as it was not in the proper form, it is cited as evidence in the new paperwork I received, WTF?).

I now must utilize VA Form 21-0958, conveniently located on the VA website, submit additional evidence and try and fight this rating change. Ugh. I can't imagine what people who have more serious conditions have to go through. I will jump through the asinine hoops and submit my information.

What's really kind of disturbing is that of all the issues the VA has with people still waiting on benefits and appointments, they have been remarkable efficient at making a decision that would cut my entitlement (recall that when I first got that notice in May, I hadn't even been retired for a year).  In contrast, this is what the case load backlog looks like in Winston-Salem, NC,  for those who are still awaiting benefits (image courtesy of Office of the Inspector General/Dept of Veterans Affairs), as reported by WUNC:

In other news, I am on another mandatory "light" week (read that as "no running") due to various bodily impairment, namely issues in my abdomen and my left calf. Two steps forward and one step back is still progress, so I will gamely press on. I will venture back onto the road on Saturday for an easy test run.

My next race is end of August, in Virginia Beach - the Rock n' Roll Half-Marathon. The reason behind that race is connected to a 500-lb bomb dropped on my first deployment. More details on that next week.

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