08 September 2014

I say motivated, you say....

I was able to sneak in an easy 3.5 miles this morning after dropping off the munchkins at school and made it to my car just before the skies opened up and heavy sheets of rain came down. I am going to say that it's humid if your cheeks and elbows are sweating. It was a nice way to start my day.

After the doldrums of August, I am rejuvenated. Not because I have more energy or a renewed sense of purpose, but I have just decided that I can't NOT fight the good fight. (Yes, I know, double negative.) I have a lot on my plate - the LSAT is in three weeks, my next race is in two, I am preparing for a new PEB with the DoD which will happen between now and the Marine Corps Marathon in October, law school admissions open mid-September and I still have all the everyday life items of making sure the munchkins know they are loved and cherished every day (and fed and bathed, you know, the basics).

It's all a work in progress, but that's the key: progress. It won't get all done in one day, but it will get done. And it will get done well. Motivation is a funny thing - it is not based on what we want in the moment, but on how hard we are willing to work to achieve the desired end-state in the future (what some of us would call 'goals'). I only know that I am refocused and am keying in on two major things: what I need today and what I want tomorrow.

What's that saying? Oh yes.....

Have a great Monday!

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