24 September 2014

Yoda vs. the LSAT

I retake (!!) the LSAT on Saturday morning in hopes of pulling up my score a few points. That is not to say that I bombed it the first time, but I also didn't score where I felt I should have to properly apply to the schools I am hoping to attend. That being said, while I enjoy most of the LSAT exam sections, I am not great at standardized testing, so I have been studying and practicing taking the test for the last month.

Where do I find inspiration? That's right - in the wisdom of a little green alien. I am a big Star Wars movie fan - Episodes IV-VI, that is (ok, I thought the Ewoks were cheesy, but liked the storyline in Return of the Jedi. Luke was the man in the A New Hope, but after that, it was all Han Solo. Just sayin'). Anyway, so Yoda is guiding me with his positivity:

The way I look at it, this will be my last go at it, since I need to turn my focus to the application process, essays and resume as well as garnering recommendations from my former senior officers. Which I hope they agree to do. And say something nice. Regardless, I will be applying because this is what I have been told by the diminutive sage: 

Off to study a bit more. Also, the Yellowstone-Teton 50-miler full photo gallery is posted! Pictures are mine, as well as some from fellow racers, George V., Gordon S., and official photographers, HG Photography. I included some of the images from the 100-mile race as well. (My YT50 race recap here.)

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