10 October 2014

FBF: I can fly!

A Flashback Friday look at me receiving my wings, designating me Naval Aviator #28,000. The time I spent training in Florida came with a few memorable moments: Hurricane Ivan and a freak hail storm that disabled all but six training helos.

Hole through the canopy

Every one of these was somehow damaged in the storm,
whether it was the rotor, avionics, canopy, tunnel or control console.
I also remember being a bit circumspect while everyone was celebrating making the proverbial victory lap after the winging ceremony. My thoughts:

1) "Does anybody realize that we still have a s@!$-ton to learn about flying still? Like, we have so much more studying to do if we're going to be any good at this. A s@!$-ton. I mean, we don't even know what we don't know....."
2) "Well, crap, now I've got to make sure these things are properly aligned on my uniform...how do I keep my lapel from covering my wings.....anyone??"

Me and John G., now a LtCmdr. He also took me on my first deer hunt.
Good dude. (Flight instructors in the background, probably talking air tactics - ha!)
One of the things is not like the other....

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