29 October 2014

What's the damage?

Immediately after dropping off the munchkins at school on Monday, I called the PT office to see if they had an opening, which they did, in 20 minutes. I headed over. 

The diagnosis: A small tear (where the bruising was visible) in the left inner gastrocnemius and a soleus strain. 
The prognosis: Two weeks no running, no biking. I am allowed to swim but not to do flip turns or push off the wall with my leg...hmmmm. And no hard interval sets. 

Laser stim followed by ice stim on the damaged leg muscles.
And abdominal work, as per the usual. 
In other news, the PT is recommending an MRI on my abdomen, because the scooped-out hollow along the scarline on the right side isn't resolving and the pain, while always constant, is becoming more intense. I'll be looking into that, but I suspect that the drive to and from DC is the culprit for this week.

That's all I got today. MCM photo gallery is up!
(Half-way mission stats will be up on Friday.)

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  1. Ouch again! At least it sounds like you have some good medical support. Take it easy and I hope you are back at full speed soon.