13 October 2014

My Achilles heel

Not even metaphorically speaking but plain, no-kidding, in fact, my right Achilles heel. It's been nagging me since July and despite rest, a variety of heel heights, ice, therapy and a few electro-ultrasound treatments, it's still not quite healthy and it is most limiting when it comes to hill training and speed (which accounts for me hitting the bike trainer and simulating hill training on it and laying off the speedwork). Ugh.

Currently in training rotation: Brooks Ghost (yes, #1 & #2),
Asics Cumulus and Brooks Pure Flow
I have also been back on the treadmill these last two weeks, simply to give the heel a rest from the pounding on the roads. Right as the weather is getting cooler and it's perfect running weather.

I have to say, though, that every time I take a step forward, I am grateful. Especially that I am able to train consistently enough to warrant having four pairs of training/racing shoes, even if my weekly mileage isn't exactly heavy. I might need to hit the pool and bike a little more following the next two races (Marine Corps Marathon and Croatan-24 Hour Ultra Run) and hopefully, after Christmas, my Achilles will be amenable to more miles.

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