21 November 2014

FBF: Autumn rituals

In addition to apple picking and cider doughnuts, which became a yearly thing while I lived in New England, I was reminded of another annual event this week when I received the proofs from the munchkins' school photos. It's funny how these are just a constant, no matter where you are...we all sit for that photo. Here's one from back in the day and a one of the munchkins...oh, and one which just celebrates the season of leaves and frost!

Can you find me? Yes, that does in fact say 1978....
They do sibling photos at their school
Throwing leaves...rockin' the corduroy....
There's been some fun activity at the house this week, one munchkin sick for four days plus our downstairs heater conked out Wednesday evening, and yet, I wake up grateful every morning; I've no reason to be otherwise.

Lots of updates this weekend, plus some swim workouts and my homemade cranberry sauce.....

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