22 November 2014

I accept

It's been a little over a week now since I had an hour-long conversation with my medical board lawyer regarding the findings of the PEB, their proposed ratings and whether or not I should travel to the Navy Yard and ask them to reconsider their decision in person. I ultimately decided not to make the trip.

I accepted their findings, which primarily does the following:
  1. Permanently retires me from the Marine Corps
  2. Immutably assigns a final rating for my injuries
  3. Officially advances me to the rank of Major, to which I was selected almost two years ago
It also does a few other things for me: frees me from being subjected to yearly physicals and exams wherein I must justify the severity, improvement or worsening of my conditions, and have my ratings re-evaluated by the PEB and most importantly, allows me to write the last words in this chapter of my life. I await the letter notifying me of my transfer from the TDRL to the PDRL, my retirement certificate and my DD215, which will correct my DD214 for my new rank, and a few other items. 

I am grateful for the leadership and mentorship I received, the lessons I learned, the experience I gained and the people I have met and can call friends and family. I am grateful that there were those throughout this process who looked after me, who assisted me, from the medical and legal side, as well as those who continue to help me transition and move forward. 

I am grateful and humbled that I was given the opportunity to serve; I did my best to do so with honor, with courage and with commitment. Semper Fi.....

Reciting the oath: promotion to Captain during deployment.
My CO, the amazing Col "Phloyd" McCoy. 

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