08 November 2014

Into the woods: Just a little shuffle

Race day!

I'll leave the house at 0430 (Romeo for you Zulu time folks) to reach the headquarters/competitors staging area around 0630, similar to last year. The race starts at 0800, so I'll have plenty of time to set up my area, with a 10x10 shelter tent, lay out my tarp and get my clothes and gear sorted, as well as my food.

There's really not a whole lot to do in the morning, it's just a matter of telling the feet and legs to start and then to keep going. I have tried a new on-the-go energy food recipe that I've liked, so I made it for this race: brown rice squares, layered with semi-sweet chocolate chips, re-hydrated apricots (like a jam, just not as sweet) and crushed roasted cashews. We'll see how they taste at two in the morning.

Rice squares, gingerbread, mint tea, RuckPack
and protein smoothies. Pickle juice is in the green container on the left.
I saw this posted the other day and I'm adopting it as my mantra for the next six months, starting with the race tomorrow.

If you want to check in on me throughout the race, you can do so here:  Croatan24 Live. I am #75, (White bib group - there are also Red and Blue bib groups).

This is a MARSOC Foundation fundraiser and the longer I run and the further I go, the more I hope to raise. If you've been following me for a while, you know how hard this race is going to be.  I am asking for one dollar for every hour I complete or .50 cents for every mile I cover.  Email me to make a pledge. Following the race's completion on Sunday morning, I will post and tweet the total mileage and total hours and the link to donate.

Thank you.

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