17 November 2014

Medical Monday

This morning I had an appointment with my PCM to get a referral for both an MRI and a surgeon who could then read and interpret the MRI. It's the same issue that the military doctor indicated when I went for my annual TDRL physical in June, the persistent and sometimes acute pain in my lower right abdomen.

My PCM came to the conclusion that an MRI could reveal:
  1. An inguinal hernia
  2. Growth of scar tissue into/onto/around healthy nerves
  3. Too much scar tissue to see clearly what is happening
The irony is that while surgery would be the option to repair the hernia and/or remove the invasive scar tissue, the long-term side effects are things such as: nerve damage, long-term pain in the groin area, recurrence of scar tissue. Hmm.....maybe I'll just take the ibuprofen? 

On a positive note, the issues I'm having are not aggravated by the running, rather, they come from lifting and twisting (also known as taking care of my kids, i.e. daily life). My PT has debated whether my rehab is causing micro-tears in the scar tissue, which then regrow aggressively because of my hyper-keloidism. 

My PCM did have this to say, though: 

Hoping that I'll have some answers before the holidays arrive in earnest.  That being said, if anyone's available to help me lug a Christmas tree home in early December, that'd be great. 

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