11 December 2014

Big dreams

So, there's this thing I learned when I was recovering from my injuries and it was reintroduced again last year, when I was recovering from all the additional craziness life had thrown at me. It's not a new concept, indeed, it's one of those acronyms that has received a lot of attention both in injury recovery, including mental trauma, and life coaching as well as in childhood development.

I have my original "GREAT DREAM" notes scribbled on a card, but I adjusted it slightly for the current state of my life. I did it to remind myself that I could and would overcome whatever difficulties, tangents, obstacles or black ice that sent me careening in the wrong direction and momentarily spun me out.

If you know me, you know I am not really one for touchy-feely, kumbaya sentiments. The reason I adapted these is because they are logical and practical, universally applicable and simply make sense as a way to approach life with all its unexpected twists and turns.

As the Marine Corps loves acronyms, even those that don't spell words, I took the liberty to add a letter, because, well, jarhead, devil dog, yut, yut, errrrr....

Here are my BIGG DREAMS:

(photo taken from my window seat on the way to Boston
for the Heartbreak Hill Half-Marathon this past June)

Here's a link to the 10 original keys.

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