24 December 2014

Christmas, y'all

On Sunday, the kids and I met up with some other WRRC folks and caroled through the halls of a retirement home. The Bubbaloo pretty much hugged everyone we sang to and even climbed up on a couple of laps. The Pumpkin Noodle was the perfect echo chorus for Frosty and Rudolph. A bit of cheer for those who weren't able to be in the comforts of their own home.

After about a hour and a half of singing! 
The weather was eerily similar on Sunday and yesterday when I went for my runs. In an effort to be efficient, I ran the same loop both days, once in reverse.

The neighborhoods are festive, although down here, the lack of frozen precipitation can make for an odd juxtaposition of the notion of a white Christmas against the reality that it don't much snow here at the beach. 

Anyway, below are a few pics from my runs...hope y'all are with people you love and are enjoying all the best of the holiday.

Love the bridge decorations.
The carriage house is decorated the same way as the main house.
Christmas in the south, y'all, I'm still not used to this.. 

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