28 December 2014

Expectation vs reality

My running today did not quite go as planned....initially, was planning to meet up with Mosi & Crispin at Uwharrie and do a 12-15 mile run. Looked like this....

Instead, my stomach didn't cooperate and I had a pretty sleepless night, which ended up with me going to run this with Blanca G., for whose company I was grateful:

And because I still wasn't 100%, I ended up like this: 

Not once, not twice, but three times... 
Nonetheless, 9 1/2 miles done, three days of running in a row, mileage meter ticking upward. Still, ouch. 

They still met up, which was great - knocked out 12 tough miles.


  1. Hi Felicia! I know your race calendar is probably pretty booked, but if you can, I hope you will consider the Frozen Heart 50K! All of the race profits are going to the Semper Fi Fund and it's a great, low-key ultra. Email me (kara975@gmail.com) if you're interested so I can give you the discount code for Semper Fi Fund runners! https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=29995

    1. Thank you for the invitation, Kara! I have the AEI Icy-8 run in Feb, but I will make sure I post about your race as well!

  2. Yes three times but you did it so gracefully!! LOL All in all it was a great run!!
    Blanca G.

    1. It was, we are totally finding more routes to run!