27 December 2014

Gettin' my butt in gear

After the past few days of holiday merriment, I am definitely knackered (as my Brit friends say). I didn't even hear my alarm go off this morning nor do I remember turning it off. I finally awoke and it was 0940. That's like half my day gone. Holy crap.

I'm eating leftover holiday bread, drinking my coffee and making my to-do lists for the next few days. Primary among these is the completion of my essays for law school. I've filled out the online forms, received all but one LoR and have to now explain why the school really needs me among its student body.

On the running and fundraising front, the next race is late January, which gives me some lead time for press releases and raising awareness, as well as reaching out to potential sponsors for the final race (Marathon des Sables) in April.

I also have some time to really get my mileage built properly as well as re-focus on some strength training. I do lots of core stabilizing exercises to fire the ab muscles that do work (since my core strength is truly in absentia) as well as balance exercises to trigger lesser typically used muscles, which help me manage my core weakness. My biggest issues really center around my glutes, not atypical to distance runners, but for me, it's an area of central focus, since the glutes are the largest muscle on the body (outside of the abdomen). And since I lack the abdomen.....

Why yes, it does....
(Bought this in 2012 as an aspiration piece, thank you Colorado Running Company)
Turns out, the exercises I did in rehab were modifications to the strengthening exercises prescribed by Runner's World, Competitor, and a few others. A lot of body weight squats (60/90s anyone?), resistance band work and bridges. I've since added the single leg work, as I've become stronger, even though I am cautious about exercises which require that any explosive movements, i.e. box jumps.

My favorites? Other than the 60/90s, I like single leg deadlifts, side-squats with the resistance band, single leg bridges and the trusty side leg lifts and side clamshells. I also do a lot of post-run stretching, here's a link to some, serendipitously, courtesy of Blake Russell.

P.S. Stitches out on Monday!

1) Competitor.com: Four best strengthening exercises for runners
2) Runner's World: Glute strengthening workout

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