20 December 2014

The perils of joyful

I experienced my first holiday accident ever (no, really, ever) on Thursday, which accounts for the pause in my posts. What happened? As with what I imagine is the case with most household mishaps, I wasn't paying close enough attention and was probably using the wrong implement.

I was attempting to open one of those scented oil bottles, which have cork-like stoppers to prevent the oil from leaking out. I was using a paring knife to try and jimmy the cork out. Yes, again, I didn't say it was the best idea.

So, as I was applying said jimmying pressure, the knife slipped and went straight into my left hand, into that nice area between the thumb and forefinger.....about two inches into. I now know what the tendons and muscles of my hand look like, which is an oddly interesting and yet, creepy thing to see, having actually seen it. I grabbed a cloth towel, applied pressure and then sat on the stair landing to decide whether or not I might need stitches. (Duh....)

The card the Pumpkin Noodle made for me
I picked up my phone and called the one person who I knew would be able to take me to the hospital and handle me once I was there: K. (Thankfully, the munchkins were out on a walk with the sitter, so didn't see it.) I called the sitter to let her know what was going on, and she brought the munchkins home. I changed from the towel to an actual gauze bandage and she helped me tape it on, and I went upstairs to lie down and wait for K.

Long story short...despite all initial fears, I only needed several stitches and a dose of antibiotics (and a sedative and something else that pretty much knocked me out). The last thing I remember is them numbing my hand to sew it up. I woke up Friday morning with the Bubbaloo snuggling next to me, a sore hand and my alarm buzzing.  (Stitches will come out in 10 days, swelling is going down slowly. At least it wasn't my right hand and hey, I can still run!)

Day three......still swollen...
Irony for the day: not being able to actually retrieve your pain medicine because it's too painful trying to grip the bottle to open it.

The name of the scented oil? Joyful.

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