04 January 2015

Feet in my shoes

Yesterday was a fun day - spent the morning with the Fleet Feet Wilmington crew at the New Year's Romp 5/10K where fellow Marine Jenny P. was not only the 1st female and smashed the course record, she also got a new 10K PR and was 2nd overall finisher. You go girl! 

My day only improved from there with the arrival of Crispin, whom I missed the last time we tried to connect for a run. He then proceeded to run me into the ground over the course of 12 miles. Yup, he wasn't even breathing hard. I think I actually said, "Yup, I'm pretty much whupped," at about 10 1/2.....

The inimitable Crispin B., y'all.
Meanwhile, I'm all sweat and tomato-colored. 
We headed over to Blue Surf Cafe (which is one of my go-to spots, not least for their peanut butter hot cocoa) and after a replenishing repast, delved into the third (fourth?) editing of my law school application essay. Premise is simple: in two pages, double-spaced, tell us what makes you uniquely you, what you bring to us and why you want to pursue law.

Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway), I am sweating it trying to condense four decades of life into that amount of space. Hence, the outside objective assistance from someone who knows how to dissect, analyse and write. I also turn to the wisdom of Dr. Seuss once again to remind myself that I can do this (with a little help from my friends).....

Image courtesy of Bright Drops

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