13 January 2015

Grimace face

Yesterday was supposed to be an easy run - get some hills in, stretch out the miles before and after, no big deal. Until the damp, drizzly cold combined with the wind and got into my head.

I struggled for well over half the run and, in the last mile, I realized that I had gone into "grimace-face" mode. That would be when the left part of my mouth starts to do the Billy Idol thing.

I guarantee you, I had none of the swagger and all of the "dear lord, what's wrong with her" going on. Yep, that was me...struggling.

Notwithstanding my weird facial expression and my cold knees (even weirder), I finished the whole run.  Another day in the books, another mile closer to 1200.

Moral of the story: Keep going until you're done.

Maybe someday I'll be clever enough to create an image of something. 

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