25 January 2015

The Forney Journey: The last hill

 The day was chilly, with a slight breeze and clear skies. Temp at the start was 28F. The day was perfect for a picture book story. 

Two of the Forney munchkins, waiting for Daddy.
Cheryl R., Meredith P., J., Lily S. at the finish - a surprise for LtCol Forney.
Cheryl is the Forneys' SFF case manager, the other two are also SFF case managers. 
 During the race, LtCol Forney met me at various spots to cheer me on. This was around mile 13 of 15.5....

And then we joined up and finished the race together. One last hill....

We were joined by two RWB members.
On the right is Scott, who also drove LtCol Forney along the course. 
Bringing it in with Old Glory.

Thank you to the San Antonio Road Runners for allowing us to be a part of your race - run local! Race director, Julie Olsen, went out of her way to help make this one of the most memorable races I've ever run. (And the course is a legit challenge, post on that coming soon!) Grateful. 

A huge thank you to the Forney family for not only sharing their story, but also sharing their home and their family with me this weekend (Banana gets her bed back, yeay!). I am blessed and fortunate to call them friends. They are full of joy and love. 

And to LtCol Forney - you have given me inspiration, guidance and reminded me what it means to truly be alive. Thank you for making me laugh til I cried and for your generosity in multiple aspects. You are a leader, a Marine through and through, and an incredible human being.

What's next for LtCol Forney? The road ahead is to continue with rehab and get through the tendon repair surgery on his right hand. Then he'll start the Med Board later this spring with a goal of retiring from the Corps 2017.  After that, it'll be a new chapter in a new book with stories they've yet to write.

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