15 February 2015

A pain in the a.......

Actually, it's my right ankle, more specifically, the large peroneal tendon, and even more specifically, the point just below the talus bone where the peroneal sheath crosses over and holds the tendons in place.
I aggravated the strain (which I did almost just over two weeks ago, tripping over my daughter on the living room rug) during the ICY-8 race and am now nursing myself back to health. It is not lost on me that most of the injuries I've incurred during the course of this have come mostly from my own klutziness (save the torn calf muscle at the MCM). 

I did get permission from my PT to actively recover, so I am being smart and going slow (and by slow, I mean taking almost an hour and a half to go 6.5 miles earlier this week, on the treadmill). Hopefully, by the end of this week, I'll be back up to some measure of normalcy and can get back outdoors and on the trails. Until then, I am doing everything to keep the swelling down, including adding chilis and turmeric to my foods, cross friction and ice and even putting these on the area, a remedy I used back in the day, (and which I got from Chinatown in San Francisco back then!):

Yes, a patch with chilis in it. It's totally working...
Or maybe not......

Thank you to those who've been subject to having to go slow with me, and for your patience as I've hobbled about a bit. Back at it soon! 

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