05 February 2015

My chosen frozen: Give me tomorrow

I am running Saturday's race in honor of those who fought and fell at the Chosin Reservoir (Nov-Dec 1950) during the Korean War, because remembering our history and those who came before is a critical part of being a Marine. We celebrate our milestones not just with those who are at our sides today, but we invite those who came before to tell their stories and share their wisdom, and always raise our glasses to those who are waiting for us in Valhalla.

Earlier, I tweeted about the graphic novel Chosin: Hold the Line by the talented Brian Iglesias (click for the full Chosin Project). Today I wanted bring your attention to the documentary by the same name, simply CHOSIN. The trailer is below:

(If you haven't seen the documentary in full, you can find it online and at Amazon Instant Video.)

The one thing that I always recall is the phrase, "know your history," and that applies across the board in life but resounds with those of us in uniform. Whether we fought, flew or brought the ammo and chow, we all sweat and sacrificed, and for those who believe in what that sweat meant, it is our duty to honor those who came before with our actions today. Oh, yes, and Chesty Puller was there as well, the Marine of all Marines. (He was also in Haiti, Nicaragua, Guadalcanal, Battle of New Britain and Battle of Peleliu before, you know, stopping in to lead Marines in Korea). 

Below is a Navy film, "With the Marines: Chosin to Hungnam" using actually footage from the battles. It was produced in 1951 (hence the lexicon and colloquialisms).

For more on the various movements and battles, a great long read by one of the greatest historians of Marine Corps, BGen Edward H. Simmons - The Korean War: The Frozen Chosin.

They fought for 17 days in sub-zero temps, walking and fighting over a hundred+ miles (it was 78 road miles from Hugnam to Yudam-ni); pretty sure I can go 8 hours in their memory. Semper Fi.

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