31 March 2015

A desert in Barbary: What's in your sack? (pt. 2)

When we last looked, I was gathering the items for my pack. 

This is what I'm going with for clothes: 

2 pair 7" UnderArmour HeatWear compression shorts
1 12for12 race t-shirt 
1 MARSOC Foundation t-shirt
1 Semper Fi Fund neck gaiter 
1 Buff UPF neck gaiter w "Remembrance" poppy design
3 pair socks (Farm to Feet, MARSOC Foundation)
1 CEP compression socks
1 pair Athleta Featherweight pants
1 Columbia FreezeZero UPF long sleeve shirt (white)
1 pair Columbia FreezeZero UPF arm sleeves (white)
1 New Balance running bra
1 DreamChasers mesh racing hat 
1 crushable polyester down jacket
1 pair Locals shower shoes (had these since first deployment)
1 pair Hoka One One trail shoes w/full gaiters

And then the food. Here's a few pics of the prep: 

Then the assembling of each day's supply:

I have between 2,400-2,950 calories per day; the one above has 2,805. And yes, MREs. So happy. Happy.  

We must have no less than 14,000 calories for the race. Some folks bring as much as 30,000 calories worth of food. They weigh a lot more than me. (Did I mention that having MREs makes me happy?)

And finally, with all the rest of my gear next to the pack: 

.....aaaaaand, packed. 

Foot care? Trail Toes foot balm, moleskin, 2Toms foot powder. I don't normally do this, but here are my feet today, after 1500+ miles since last April. There will be an after picture.

And a most special item, courtesy of the Pumpkin Noodle: 

Oh, hygiene, you ask? Dehydrated Acure argan oil wipes, hand sanitizer, toothbrush and toothpaste. 70 SPF sunscreen. No deodorant. We will still smell better than the camels. 

Boom. To the airport. 


  1. Good packing and good luck!

  2. Congratulations, Felicia! Saw the results on the tracker. Way to go! Still think you're crazy, but we're very proud of you. Tell Mosi the same, and have a safe trip home. And thanks for all you've done to advance the cause.

    Semper Fi,

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