19 March 2015

A stroll by the beach: The Noodle dash

In addition to my half-marathon this weekend, the Pumpkin Noodle is doing the one-mile dash. Her request? "Mama, can I have a race outfit like you wear?" How could I say "No" to a mini-me request? Fast-forward two weeks, a trip to Dick's Sporting Goods, Omega Sports and finally, yesterday to Target, to find running shorts that fit.

While she's 5, she's taller than the average but slim, which did not help when trying on the XS children's sizes. We even tried to go unisex (and, by the way, if you have a son that runs, what the heck do you use for shorts, because everything I saw resembled a basketball short).

The Noodle was with me for the first two of three treks, but by the time we got to round two, where she got excited about choices only to find they were too big, she was disheartened, so she declined to make the trip to Target with me. And lo, guess what I found!

And guess what sizes they had? Yup, 4-5(XS), and 8-9(M), so once again, I was in a state. They had a pair of purple polka dot bottoms, but no matching top (and by this point, I had it in my head that this needed to be an outfit. Why? I don't know).

At the end of pacing from one end of the athletic wall to the other multiple times, I got creative. After all, the Noodle did say she wanted a running outfit like mine, right?

I resemble this outfit....
Aha!! Running capris with a wicking top, plus a warm-up jacket and warm-up pants. Yes! I sold it to her by saying that it's going to be a little chilly the day of her race (truthful statement and her race starts at 4 pm) and that the pants are exactly like mine. She loves them and the jacket, so I'm going to say it's a win. (Caveat - I did send the top pic to her dad and asked him to check the Target near him - just in case, you know?)

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